About Us

Our roots can be traced back over 32 years. The company having been incorporated in 1982 by the Al Fateem Group of Dubai and was later acquired by Kenyans in 1988. The current company was formed in 2004 after a transfer of ownership from the previous proprietors to its current owners. As Kenya Orient we promise to offer the best service, and in doing so we have put in place measures to ensure that the customer receives the finest. We not only promise, we endeavour to do what we promise.

Our Values
  • Integrity -No Compromise.
  • Excellence - Perfecting what we do.
  • Customer Driven -We value relationships.
  • Innovative -Evolving with your needs.
  • Team Work – Through diversity we succeed.
Our Vision

To be the most trusted and innovative insurance provider in Africa.

Our Mission

We create a better place for our customers to do business and our employees to work, EVERYDAY. Our solutions guarantee peace of mind and that is our promise.