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5 Benefits of Having a Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Life is unpredictable, with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Every single day, unexpected instances of joy or misery may happen almost in equal measures.

Unintended accidents happen, sometimes without any warning to curb any damages. Within a fraction of a second, accidents occur in the event of injuries, disability or unfortunate death. This comes with a long-term emotional and financial effect on the individual and his or her family. To ease the financial burden, a personal accident insurance cover from Kenya Orient Insurance Limited is key, as it provides monetary payments in the event of bodily injury sustained by the insured.

It is said that accidents happen all the time. With accidents such as injuries, disability or even death being some of the unpleasant surprises that life has to offer, the emotional and financial debt that come with these accidents can have a long-term effect on an individual and their families. This financial burden that comes with accidents can however be eased by securing a personal accident insurance cover from Kenya Orient Insurance Limited which provides monetary payments in the event of bodily injury and can also cater for artificial appliances, hospital cash allowance and evacuation.

So why should you have a personal accident cover?

24-hour worldwide cover

The good news is that the personal accident insurance cover does not have a geographical limitation. The insured has access to the benefits of the cover irrespective of where the accident happens.

At Kenya Orient Insurance Limited, we understand the agony that comes in the event of injuries or death resulting from an accident and that is why the Orient Personal Accident cover is readily available to the insured individual at any particular time on a needs basis. Depending on the need, the Orient Personal Accident cover is available for individuals, families or even groups to cater for accidental death, temporary, partial or permanent disability, medical expenses and funeral expenses.

Offers peace of mind

In an event of bodily injury that result to hospitalization or disability, or death caused by violent, accidental, external and visible events, , most families may not have the financial capability to pay medical bills or start over. Instead, they seek financial assistance from friends, family and online users across social media platforms.

With the Orient Personal Accident cover however, one is assured of monetary compensation that can be used to pay liabilities. The cover gives you a peace of mind knowing that one does not have to seek alternative monetary sources since the accidental incidents are catered for.

Smooth application and claims process

Most individuals are afraid to take insurance cover because of the assumption of a long application process and even worse, when the claim becomes a cat and mouse chase. The best thing about the Orient Personal Accident Cover is that when applying, you only require; a copy of your pin, a copy of your ID, certificate of registration of the insured for proofing purposes, details of beneficiary, filled proposal form that can be accessed on our website and declared earnings scheduled with the employee name for the named policies.

For claims, one is required to submit a police abstract immediately as proof of the accident and supporting documents, together with a completed claim form. In case of the unfortunate death, the next of kin is required to submit the death certificate and burial permit.

In the event where there is no nominated next of kin or beneficiary, the dependent of the deceased or the administrator of the deceased's estate should provide proof of the dependent or letter of administration in order to complete the claims process.

For a Group Personal Accident Policy usually taken on behalf of employees in a company, the employer will submit the claim to the company, which is payable to the employer. The employer is responsible for the actual disbursement of the claim amount to the individual or family affected at the discretion of the employer.

Emergency evacuation

With the shock and emotional trauma that individuals and family members experience in an event of an accident, having another entity care about how the evacuation expenses are going to be paid is a much-underrated gesture. Kenya Orient’s personal accident insurance cover ensures you are well taken care of during your lowest moment such as these.

Optional cover solutions

While the Orient Personal Accident Cover is not limited to only Accidental Death Cover,

Permanent Disablement Cover, Temporary or Partial Disablement Cover, Medical Expenses Cover and Funeral Expenses Cover, we provide optional solutions that are tailor made to cover artificial appliances, hospital cash allowance and evacuation at an additional premium. While no one anticipates tragedies affecting us directly or indirectly, it is a reality that they are inevitable but the burden can be lighter if you get yourself a personal accident cover.

Get covered with the Orient Personal Accident Cover today. For more information, get in touch with our agents at Kenya Orient Insurance Limited for guidance on signing up.

Our solutions guarantee peace of mind and that is our promise.