By focusing on sustainable products for our customers through innovation, being inspired to serve our communities in a trusted manner, we are changing lives in society.

Our Sustainability agenda revolves around below pillars:-

·         Contribution to sustainable economic growth in Kenya.

·         Investing in our communities

·         Being a responsible insurance company

Contributing to sustainable economic growth

By extending insurance to the communities in Kenya, we contribute to the economic development & growth.

We manage the environment in which we operate through our environmental and social risk insurance practice.

Through insurance we protect Kenyans from environmental and social shocks that would otherwise be catastrophic to their livelihoods.

We offer access to insurance services to Kenya at urban and marginalised areas through our intermediaries.

We contribute immensely to food security through our crop & livestock insurance cover.

We support entrepreneurship and start-ups businesses through tailored insurance products.

Investing in our communities

Our efforts are to work with communities on programmes that promote social and economic growth at grassroots level through sustainable education, innovation programs, health and youth empowerment.

Our community investment pillars are geared towards eliminating poverty in a fast developing country. As such we are focused on below areas:-

1. Education:-

·         Basic Education

·         Insurance inclusion/education

·         Support of education in marginalised communities.

2. Innovation & Technology.

Focusing our efforts on innovative insurance products.
Incubation of insurance ideas through tertiary education in partnership with institutions of higher learning.
Entrepreneurship and SME growth through innovative entry to market products for small businesses.
Innovation in agricultural and crop insurance products.
Innovation through youth entrepreneurship programs.

3. Health.

With the government focusing on basic health needs for the growing generation, we shift focus to the elderly and special needs in the society with an aim to make a difference.
As such we support cancer patient at the hospices, disabled and marginalised.

4. Employee Volunteering.

Our employees are our greatest assets. We value our engagement with the communities through our human force. With the above pillars in place we aim to support our communities through volunteering our time and skills. We believe that our employees are our business and they are vital component of the community we serve hence we offer each employee two days of paid leave for community service through departmental programs.

5. Environmental & Social risks management.

Disaster management and social insurance forms a vital role in our day to day business. Cushioning the environment we operate in from major shocks is what we do as a business.

Being a responsible insurance company

By practising strong governance principles, respecting and treating our staff fairly, appreciating diversity and inclusion in our day to day activities creates a responsible working environment for our operations.
As such we are keen to have below elements strongly embedded in our day to day business operations:-

·         Responsible selling practices

·         Governance and regulatory affairs

·         Combating Fraud

·         People values

·         Supplier’s engagement

·         Environmental management


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